Welcome to California Partners, Inc.

home_imgWelcome to California Partners, Inc. Commercial Real Estate. Our company is the only commercial real estate company focused exclusively on the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Peninsula Market. Because of our focus, we consistently outperform our competition from Silicon Valley to San Francisco.

Market Knowledge

The Heart of Success: One of the greatest ways a commercial real estate company can reliably distinguish itself is through proprietary and specialized market knowledge. In our target markets, California Partners, Inc. has a deep understanding of users and owners of commercial real estate. This knowledge allows for specialized expert advice and action.

Because of our in-depth market knowledge and intensely focused client service, we consistently offer solutions and produce results not possible from other sources. Our clients have found us to be the best in our target markets. Without flash or catchy slogans, we successfully get the job done.

Our Offer is Un-Paralleled

Our company utilizes a team approach. We dedicate a marketing/service team, giving you complete service to a level not available from other sources. If you chose to hire us, we commit to 100% dedication, professionalism, follow through and regular communication. We have found that by dedicating strong energy to servicing your commercial real estate needs, we can create the flurry of activity necessary to realize your goals. We will be happy to provide you with references, so you can better understand how we work and the results we produce.

Our Philosophy

We start with our in-depth market knowledge, add our high energy service, focus it with strategic direction and thinking, and polish it off with our consummate professionalism and tenacity to produce results. We refuse to sit back and passively wait, instead “We successfully bring people together and consistently produce results!”