Anyone can put up a sign, use the Internet, skim through Craigslist or dig a little deeper with a general on-line search service but what then??? At what cost? What terms? What about zoning and regulations? Will the Banks cooperate? Is this the right one? Effectively answering those questions requires a professional with knowledge and experience.

Market Knowledge – The Heart of Success

One of the greatest ways a commercial real estate company can reliably distinguish itself is through proprietary and specialized market knowledge. Our company is the only commercial real estate company focused exclusively on the San Francisco Peninsula Market. Because of our focus, we consistently outperform our competition from Silicon Valley to San Francisco.

Because of our in-depth and proprietary market knowledge and intensely focused client service, we consistently offer solutions and produce results not possible from other sources. Our clients have found us to be the best in our target markets. Without flash or catchy slogans, we successfully get the job done.

Our Offer is Un-Paralleled

Our company utilizes a team approach. We dedicate a marketing/service team, giving you complete service to a level that our competition will not consider. If you chose to hire us, we commit to 100% dedication, professionalism, follow through and regular communication. We have found that by dedicating strong energy to servicing your commercial real estate needs, we can create the flurry of activity necessary to realize your goals.

Our Philosophy

We start with our in-depth market knowledge, add our high energy service, focus it with strategic direction and thinking, and finish strong with our tenacity and ability to produce results. We refuse to sit back and passively wait, instead “We bring people together and produce results!”


  • Landlord Representation ~ Putting a sign up is only the first step, similar to putting your line in the water which even a child can do. But finding and leasing to a quality tenant takes all the skills and experience of a seasoned professional, like a master angler. Whether you have a single property or a portfolio, our professionals will leverage their extensive skills, experience and proprietary market knowledge to strategically position and market your property, attract and evaluate a quality tenant, and aggressively negotiate the best possible terms and lease to ensure your success.
  • Tenant Representation ~ Searching on Craigslist or a general on-line search service is just the beginning. You might get lucky, but how much should you pay, what terms really matter, what kind of lease do they want and what kind of concession is a Landlord willing to concede? What is the character of your Landlord in contrast to others? What are your Landlords capabilities? Whether you are looking for a thousand square feet of retail space or several hundred thousand square feet of office or R&D, our professionals know how to get you the best deal. We have the skills, experience and market knowledge to locate the properties that best suit your needs. During this process is critical that you understand a myriad of issues including; the complexities of zoning and use regulations, financial and tax, legal, affecting your facilities. During this dynamic process we will help to aggressively negotiate the best possible terms and ensure that the lease you are signing takes care of you and not only the Landlord.


  • Seller Representation ~ Putting up a sign doesn’t sell your property… neither does simply putting it on the internet. Strategically positioning and marketing it properly does. Knowing how to identify the best buyers and making a proper approach and presentation is even more critical in today’s technological environment. From a single building to an entire portfolio, our professionals have the skills, experience and market knowledge to strategically position and market your property in order to generate the interest necessary to generate the multiple offers required to sell your property at the highest possible price.
  • Buyer Representation ~ With the advent of the Internet, anyone can search for a property, but which one is the best, does your use work in the zoning and perhaps most importantly these days, will can the property be acquired at a price that will appraise out with the banks? Our professionals can help, we have the knowledge experience and skills needed to locate a quality property, evaluate the city zoning and ordinances, aggressively negotiate the best possible terms and protect you every step of the way during the Escrow Process.


  • Investor Representation ~ If you know what a CAP rate is and can sort through the hundreds of options for investing, great. But what about understanding leverage in this volatile commercial RE market – can you adequately maximize your ROE – is your ROI calculation using accurate finance assumptions? We represent a broad range of ‘classes’ of high quality investments, that can add real value when you need to “sell low… and buy LOWER”, and provide the strong upside you desire. We give you the guidance and tools to help bring your portfolio of assets a bigger and stronger cash-flow. Risk is inherent in any investment, but with our exclusive property ranking and evaluation system, an initial consultation may be just the step needed to find us as your a trusted partner, for your Real Estate Financial Planning.


  • Financial Services ~ In most cases nothing really happens in a sale until the lender says “OK”. With 10 years of in-house Commercial Mortgage brokering experience, our Buyers and Owners can find quick, reliable solutions to financing issues for all their needs from refinancing loan balloons to Owner-user SBA or conventional loans, investor acquisitions, or development loans. Fast, profitable solutions can be found through our private-money sources, to get the job done- even as the big lenders continue to sort out what they will and won’t be allowed to do as government regulations rapidly evolve. We know our numbers, period, and as a Quarterback to the team, we assure a smooth informed transaction can happen.

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